Auto Security & Remote Starters

Audiovox offers a full line of remote starters and even includes models with extended range of 800 to 1,000 feet. Our security systems feature dash mounted LED's, remote transmitters and are programmable for active or passive arming. We also have systems with a starter disable feature, remote panic, headlight illumination, dual vehicle capability and auto lock and unlock ignition feature. See the systems in this section to find the one that fits your security and convenience needs. We even have systems that can be added to most vehicles that have a factory installed keyless entry system.

APS686 $ 189.00 Carry Out              $ 379.00 Installed
Combination Remote Start and Keyless Entry System

CALL TO ORDER   630-783-8001

  • New Blue Carbon Transmitters and horn output enunciates arm/disarm and carfinder
  • 2 Four Button Programmable RF Transmitters
    Four Channel Receiver (capable of accepting 4 transmitters)
  • Anti Code Grabbing Technology
  • Remote Start Safety Control Switch
  • Safe Start RF Control (Double Push Of RF Transmitter)
  • Selectable Automatic Timed Start Mode
  • ( + ) and ( - ) Keyless Entry Output On-Board Start Relay
  • On-Board Accessory Relay
  • On-Board Ignition 1 Relay
  • On-Board Ignition 2 Relay
  • On-Board Parking Light Relay
  • Ignition 2 Relay Selectable On or Off During Cranking
  • Ignition 3 / Shock By-Pass / GM VAT Output (relay required)
  • Tach Signal Learning Circuit
  • Two ( + ) and Two ( - ) Safety Shutdown Circuits
  • Alarm By-Pass Output
  • Channel 3 Output for Remote Trunk Release (relay required)
  • Channel 4 Output to Control Optional Accessories
  • Selectable Steady or Flashing Parking Lights for Run Indication Selectable Run Times
  • Selectable Door Lock Output Pulse Timing
  • Optional Illuminated Entry Output (Relay Required)
  • External Activation Control Input

Note: Vehicles with PATS Keys (FORD Mainly) require additional kits and third key
(customer must supply key)
$ 40.00 additional

Not actual picture shown

Unlock/lock buttons are
blue instead of red

APS786 $ 265.00 Carry Out     $ 479.00 Installed
Combination Remote Start and Vehicle Security System

CALL TO ORDER   630-783-8001

  • Start Your Car From the Comfort of Your Home
  • Gasoline or Most Diesel Engines with Automatic Transmission
  • Parking Light Flasher (Flash or On Steady
  • Selectable) While Running After Remote Start
  • Existing Alarm Bypass Control During Remote Start
  • Alarm Remains On While Remote Start Operates
  • Double Siren Chirp Lets You Know Remote Start is Operating
  • 3rd Ignition Control Output
  • Safe Start Double Push Start System
  • Manual Override Switch
  • Open Engine Compartment Safety Shutdown
  • 2 Four Button Programmable RF Transmitters
  • Four Channel Receiver (Capable of Accepting 4 Transmitters)
  • External Superheterodyne Antenna/Receiver for up to 600 to 1000' Range
  • Anti-Code Grabbing Technology
  • Starter Disable
  • 7 Function LED-Arm/Disarm/Zone 1/Zone 2/Zone 3/Valet Arming
  • Intrusion Alert with Memory
  • Audible Arm/Disarm/Defective Zone Confirmation
  • Instant Siren Activation
  • True Last Door Arming
  • Defective Zone By-Pass
  • Mini 6 Tone Multi-Tone Siren
  • Plug In Two Stage Shock Sensor
  • Note: Vehicles with Car Transponders require additional kits and third key
    (customer must supply valet key)
    $ 40.00 additional

APS996 $ 559.00 Carry Out         $ 775.00 Installed
2 Way Remote Start Security System

CALL TO ORDER   630-243-0798

  • 1, Three Button Programmable Confirming Remote Transceiver
  • 1, Four Button One Way Transmitter
  • LCD Display for Continuous Monitoring
  • Adjustable Dual Stage
  • Safe Start Double Push Starting
  • Glass Mounted Superheterodyne Antenna/Receiver
  • Timed Start for Gas or Diesel Operation
  • Superbright Blue LED


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