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Chevrolet / GMC 2wd Air Lift Coil And Leaf Spring Load Controller Suspension

Adjustable air helper springs are load and towing problem solvers for your Chevy, Chevrolet or GMC 2wd vehicle. Stiff steel factory suspensions must compromise between ride comfort and load hauling capacity. Smooth ride suspensions can’t carry heavy loads; heavy springs ride rough, especially when the vehicle is unloaded. Air Lift adjustable air spring kits solve these problems by allowing you to tune your suspension under all load and road conditions. Just add air when towing or hauling and then remove air for a softer ride when unloaded. Sold in pair kits.


60000/61000/65000/80000/81000 Air Lift 1000 Series = up to 1000 lbs.
59500/59600 Ride Control Series = up to 2000 lbs.
57100/57200/57300/57400 SuperDuty Series = up to 5000 lbs.

GMC, Chevy Pickup Truck 2wd Rear Air Suspension Kits

x = No drilling into the frame required

Year Model Rear Air Lift Kit Price
1988-1998 C1500 1 /2 Ton Pickup Regular/Crew Cab * not ext. cab 59501 * - 188.00
OPTION: For heavy loads or commercial use 57216 *** - 223.00
1988-1998 C1500 1/2 Ton Pickup Extended Cab 59501 * - 188.00
OPTION: For heavy loads or commercial use 57128 - 223.00
1973-1987 C10 1/2 Ton Pickup 59527 - 188.00
OPTION: For heavy loads or commercial use 57215 ** - 223.00
1988-1998 C2500 3/4 Ton Pickup 57216 *** - 223.00
1973-1987 C20, C30 3 /4 and 1 Ton Pickup 57215 ** - 223.00
1988-2000 C3500 1 Ton (Under 11,000 GVWR) (Except 4" rear axle housing) 57216 *** - 223.00
2004-2006 Colorado Z85 & ZQ8 59546 x 188.00
1999-2007 Silverado / Sierra 1/2 Ton Pickup (Except 1500 HD) Classic 59501 * - 188.00
2007-2008 Silverado / Sierra 1/2 Ton Pickup (new body style) 68 and 78 inch bed lengths only 59565 x 188.00
2001-2005 Silverado / Sierra 1500 HD 57250 x 223.00
1999-2004 Silverado / Sierra 2500 3/4 Ton Pickup (Except 2500 HD) 57250 x 223.00
2001-2008 Silverado / Sierra 2500 HD 57275 x 223.00
2001-2008 Silverado / Sierra 3500 1 Ton & Dually 57275 x 223.00
1982-2003 S10-S15 Pickup (without sport suspension) 59529 - 188.00
2000-2003 S10-S15 Pickup Extreme or S10 with sport suspension 59535 - 188.00

Requires 6" between tire & frame
**Requires 8" between tire & frame
***With axle to frame dimension of 7.25" use kit #57128 $223.00

Chevrolet, GMC Suv 2wd Rear Air Suspension Kits

x = No drilling into the frame required

Year Model Rear Air Lift Kit Price
2002-2007 Avalanche 1500 60769 x 69.90
2005-2006 Equinox 2wd 60727 x 69.90
2001-2003 S10 Blazer / Jimmy 2-Door Only 59540 - 188.00
1982-00 S10 Blazer / Jimmy 2-Door Only 59535 - 188.00
95-2004 S10 Blazer / Jimmy 4-Door Only 59536 - 188.00
1973-1991 Blazer Fullsize 59501 * - 188.00
1973-1991 Suburban (May require exhaust modification) 57221 - 223.00
1992-1999 1/2 Ton Suburban 59518 - 188.00
1992-1999 3/4 Ton Suburban 57129 - 223.00
2000-2007 1/2 Ton Suburban / Yukon XL / Tahoe 4 Door (With coil springs) 60769 x 69.90
1995-2000 Tahoe / Yukon 4 Door Only (With leaf springs rear) 59518 - 188.00

*Requires 6" between tire & frame

Air Lift Company

Air Lift Company has been developing air spring suspension products for over 50 years. The original product, a rubber air spring inserted into a car's factory coil spring, was developed and patented in 1950. The versatility of Air Lift air springs were proven during the early years of stock car racing. Air Lifts were used by most of the stock car racing teams for twenty years or so until the racing suspensions evolved to more sophisticated systems. The Air Lift Company sponsored cars were tough competitors on the NASCAR Grand National Circuit. The Air Lift Company has the longest history of product development dedicated solely to the development of light vehicle air suspension products. First, in the 1950's, they pioneered the use of air spring inserts in coil spring suspensions. Then, in the 1960's, Air Lift introduced the use of sleeve-type air springs on pickup truck suspensions. During the 1980's they started using air helper springs on motor homes and ambulances. Street rods and lowered vehicles were the target in the 1990's. Today's products are an evolution of Air Lift's breakthrough development programs applying the use of air springs in light truck, suv and motorhome suspensions. Air Lift has won more SEMA awards for air spring development products than any other company.

AIR SPRINGS  |  The load and towing problem solver Air Lift products can be engineered to fit almost any coil or leaf spring suspension. We have developed applications for passenger cars, light trucks, motor homes, race cars, street rods, military vehicles and specialty vehicles of all types. All of our experience and technology comes together to provide you the most versatile and durable products for our primary market: helper air springs so you can enjoy the ride and handling of your vehicle at work or play.

Features and benefits of Air Lift 1000
• Add support to rear springs on many popular SUVs.
• Replaces OEM front air springs on P-30 motor homes.
• Front end support for snowplows, winches, etc.
• Improves muscle car traction for drag racing.
• Improves ride and handling for full-size vans and trucks with front coils.
• Fits open coil springs, front or rear.
• Up to 1,000 pounds of leveling capacity.
• Air adjustable for the ride you want.
• Reduces roll, sway and "bottoming out."
• Quick connecting easy-to-use engineered polymer air fittings.
• Tough molded polyurethane construction.
• Two year limited warranty, no mileage limitation

*Never exceed manufacturer's recommended Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.



  Air Springs   Air Compressor Systems  
air lift 1000
Fits open coil springs on the front of many vehicle applications.*
ride control
Fits many ½ ton, one ton and mini with leaf springs pickups, full-size and mini vans.*
load controller II
Economical, popular, basic on board air compressor system to control your air springs.
smart aire
Automatic leveling on board air compressor system with exclusive "non-contact" technology.
super duty
<empty>Fits many ¾ ton and one ton pickups, vans and motorhomes with leaf springs.*
road tamer
<empty>Full rear air suspension for ¾ and one ton pickups towing heavy loads, 5th wheels,
horse trailers, and RVs.
sure set
<empty>Side-to-side and front-to-rear control for two air springs with this easy-to-use, digitally controlled on board air compressor system.
quick shot
<empty>Pressure-driven reservoir system moves air faster so you can easily manage your air springs and have enough power to air-up toys and tires.
*Never exceed manufacturer's recommended Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

Full two year limited air spring warranty with no mileage restriction!
Air Lift Company warrants that Air Lift 1000, RideControl and SuperDuty air springs systems will be free from defects in workmanship or materials for two years from the date of installation. This does not include installation or other service charges for replacement.



Limited lifetime air spring warranty with Air Lift on board air system
Extend your standard warranty to a full lifetime limited warranty! Air Lift will extend the warranty if the original purchaser adds an Air Lift on board Air System as a complete system with Air Lift air springs on the original vehicle, within 30 days.

(Qualifying air systems include Load Controller I and II, SmartAir or SureSet; RoadTamer and EasyStreet air spring systems are excluded.)



No-risk ride satisfaction guarantee

Ride on Air Lift’s air springs for 60 days. We guarantee you’ll be happy with the improvement in road comfort and load handling. If you’re not satisfied, you may remove the products and return to your dealer for a full refund of your purchase price within the first 60 days after your purchase.

(RoadTamer and EasyStreet springs systems are excluded from this offer.)